About Jenita

I've been doing this for 7 1/2 years. If you need help in order to get a project done, give me a call.


This business is unique in that we offer a wide-range of assistance at low fees. I can do this because my skills are not specialized and I will not require specialized equipment. My hope is to offer my clients help with the relatively small things that are holding them back.


I accomplish most home maintenance and remodeling work that is done at my home. With tasks that require more strength or expertise than I have, I ask for help from my husband or a contractor. It is not the intent of ‘Help is On the Way’ to do major projects for clients, but to provide assistance with changing light bulbs, unclogging drains, cleaning out the garage, etc.


By nature I am a project manager. I break tasks into smaller components, which I complete one-by-one. By nature I do not rely on notes. Rather I see problems as processes to work through. One of my favorite sayings is that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.


Finally, I am not an intimidating person. I genuinely care about people and want them to be successful by their own measurements. I can listen to people and respond back to them what I see the hurdles to their success being. After breaking the project into manageable tasks, I begin to accomplish these tasks.

About Mira

Mira is a wonderful addition to Help is On the Way. She has an eye for detail and seeing the job done correctly. Mira has worked for Rawlins Main Street as a project coordinator. She has taken college courses in marketing and advertisting.

Currently, Mira is mostly staying at home with her children, Danica and Murphy, but she enjoys getting out of the house and helping people.