Journey to the Titanic: The Story of the Yarred Family
On April 16th I had the pleasure of being the visiting author at Kingswood K-8 school in Citrus Heights, California. It was a great experience reading the book to students, answering their questions, and sharing with over 300 students my tips for being successful.

If you would like to learn more about my visit, click here.

Here are some of the comments students had after my visit:
Dear Mrs. Calton,
Thank you for visiting our school. It was a pleasure because the book is really interesting because the Titanic is an awesome movie and story. I think you should write another book because about what happened to the Yarred family when they make it to Amiraka (how they said it). My favorite characters are Jamila and Nicola because Jamilia reminds me of me because I take care of my family. Nicola is a responsible adult though sometimes he can be late to meet his kids somewhere. I loved the little time we spent with you. You inspired me to write a book. Hope to see you soon.
7th Grade student at Kingswood School
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Jenita during the 7th - 8th grade assembly.