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Let’s say you are a person who likes to play. You will jump in and try any sort of game because it is a game and you like to play. Your biggest concern is not winning, but playing.


So, you’re going on a long car trip. You’re going with friends or family and you are afraid that everyone will spend the trip reading their own book or listening to the radio and staring out the window. I have devised a way to fill the car with competition, comradeship, and banter. Instead of uncomprehending stares, eyes will be searching the landscape as it flies by.


I simply call this game ‘Travel Bingo’ and I have played it with family on many trips. Friends have enjoyed the game and found it made travel less arduous. I will never forget the time my sister found ‘Illinois’ on the side of a truck on a two-lane highway in New Mexico.


Click here to find the instructions for ‘Travel Bingo’. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Instructions for Travel Bingo

Blank travel bingo page

Blank page in pdf format

List of possible items to find